明德书院于20171030日正式成立,1000多个宿生来自于全校的不同专业与年级。明德书院之名取自《大学》 “大学之道,在明明德,,寄望宿生通过书院的生活,培养与弘扬优良的品德,不断地认识自我、提升自我与完善自我,成为正直、善良、品学兼优的明德人。书院不仅为宿生提供共同生活、交流和学习的平台,而且开展党团建设、学生事务、素质拓展、生涯辅导、社团活动等系列工作,激励宿生砥砺品行,追求卓越。201711月,书院第一次参加校运动会,荣获优秀组织奖、道德风尚奖以及女子团体第四名的好成绩。

MINGDE  College has been established since 30th October 2017. and more than 1000 students of different grades and majors are living in the College now. The name of the college,“MINGDE”,comes from  Da Xue,“what the great learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue‘illustrious virtue’in Chinese equals‘MINGDE’,which hopes the students will cultivate and promote good moral characters,constantly know,enhance and improve themselves, and become honest,kind and excellent in character and learning through the period of college life.The college not only provides a platform for the students to live, communicate and learn together, but also conducts series of work such as the Party and the League, student affairs, quality development, career guidance, and community activities, inspiring students to make efforts to improve self-cultivation and strive for excellence. In November 2017, the college participated in the school sports meeting for the first time, and won the Excellent Organization Award, Ethic Award and gained the fourth place of women's team.